Frequently Asked Questions

An escape game is a team adventure where you become the main hero of the story. Hi tech  movie-level decorations will help you with this. The best way to know about the escape game is to play it. So dont waste time and find the nearest comfortable spot for you

From 2 to 5. But we may let the teams up to 6 people to play in one room. The more players the less riddled will each player have to solve.

You may relax in our reception zone and experience VR games and use our complimentary wifi and snacks.

We will try our best to let you play the game you scheduled. Therefore we cannot guarantee that you will have your 60 minutes spot. In some cases we may suggest you play another game. Please not that the games are non-refundable.

The minimum age is not limited but the children below 8 years of age wont be able to get the clue. We will not  let children below the age of 14 play without adult supervisor in the team.

There is no dress code. You should wear comfortable clothes. No special outfit is needed. There were cases when ladies have done the game in mini skirts and pumps) We suggest you to wear more comfortable outfit.

Our operators will do their best so that you finish the game in time. After one hour we will let you out for sure. But your mission in the game will be lost.

Our escape games do not need any special abilities or skills. You have to play as a team and be attentive and smart.

Yes. We sell the escape games as a gift. You may purchase a gift certificate. It is possible to make it online or at our location. It doesn not have any expiry date.

Yes, we do. We have promotions for those who completed our games. We will have a promo for our first 100 teams.

The rules and the story line will be introduced by our operator. So please do not be late!  No special knowledge is needed. No home work as well!

All escape games are more or less equal in their complexity. Though each game has its on set and storyline. If you need to have more detailed consultation do not hesitate to call or mail us.

We may arrange a corporate event or a biurthday celebration to you. Thanks to our large lounge zone capable to fit in up to 30 people. You may bring the beverages and food with you or ask us arrange this for you. Please call or email us for more info.

We do not want to disclose the set to other players so we do not let the visitors take picrutes during the game. It is possible to make a final picture of the team in one of the rooms. Our operator will make one for you.

Before entering the game you are suggested to leave your belongings in the locker so that they won’t hamper you.

The game lasts 60 minutes but if you succeed earlier you will have more time to sit in the lounge zone and duscuss the game. Or you may just leave earlier)

If you have any questions which are not listed do not hesitate to contact us.

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